31 October 2014

Gaining control

After last weekends complete and total break down (and it was a break down, believe me) I finally am getting things under control. The first thing I did was clean this room and open all that mail that was sitting here. Done and done. All this week I have opened every piece of mail that came in and dealt with it. Awesome feeling, not to be afraid of your mail. The second thing I did was to admit that 5 am Crossfit just does not work for me. I realized, while walking the dogs on Sunday, that I did not HAVE to go at 5 am. I was so focused on being able to go to the 5 am class because I didn't have to leave so early for work, that I completely forgot that I also get home earlier. I can get home in time to make it to the 4 pm class. Not only that, I'm done by 5 pm and still have time to walk the dogs. Boom! Problem solved. So this week, for the first time in a long, long time, I went to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and tonight. 4 days of Crossfit. I have not done that in quite a while. It feels good. I have plans to go tomorrow but Sunday is iffy. I may not go on Sunday, we'll see. I only walked the dogs one night, but that was due to other issues. What I did have was lots of energy at night. I'm not taking a nap when I get home, I'm ready to go. Nice. The working out has influenced the eating. I'm not craving sugar and carbs, though I have still been eating some. I want to do a carb cycling thing, and tonight I had pizza :) This whole organization thing has spilled over into work. I have been grading all week and am completely on top of my grading. It is so nice to feel so completely in control and organized.

Now that I have a viable, working plan. I need to start building on it. Next week, Hubby works nights all week so there will be no walking of the dogs. I need to start working on my prospectus every night. Even if it's only for 15 minutes, it has to happen. So that is going to be my focus for next week. I will work on my prospectus every night at 8 pm for 15 minutes. Of course, I will be working on it extensively on Sunday. Sunday will be devoted to my video, prospectus, and field test. I can not get over how good it feels to be in control.

It is getting late and I need to feed the dogs and get to bed early.

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