24 October 2014

Losing Control

This is how I feel right now. This is how I felt when I was lying in my bed, wide awake at 2am. All I could think about was the quizzes I have to give today that I haven't written; the grading that I need to do; the summary of a research article that is due tomorrow; reading more articles for my prospectus; the blog post that was due on Wednesday; the video that I have given zero thought to and that I should be editing right now; the wrist wrap I need to make for tomorrow night; the proctoring I have to do tomorrow; and the party that I am supposed to go to tomorrow night. Oh, and the fact that I really wanted to go to Crossfit tonight. There are only 24 hours in a day and for the next couple of days, I could really use about 50. I could also use some energy. This is all on top of the fact that my computer room has become a complete and total disaster,scratch that - my entire house has become a total disaster, which makes doing any of these things difficult at best. I need to make a priority list and I need to follow it to get out of this mess. I'm not really in a mess, but it feels that way and that is pretty much the same thing.

Top priorities are the wrist wrap and the article summary. Those involve other people and therefore need to be done. I will do the wrist wrap tonight. That should only take 2 hours tops. Tomorrow while I am proctoring, I will review the article and begin working on the summary. I am not supposed to be doing anything but watching the students, but much of this can be done in my head while I stare at them. I have read most of the article, so I can just review it as I proctor. I can make notes about what I want to write and then I will be ready to write as soon as I get home. Next up will be the blog post. I may do some work on that tonight after the wrist wrap is done. I may do some work on that during school today. I am giving a quiz and watching movies. Then I have to figure out this video. I don't completely understand it, but then I haven't tried to, because it is due soon. I want to get it ready to film next week so that I can edit it on the weekend. Then Sunday will spend some time in the morning cleaning my house and getting a handle on things. The afternoon will be devoted to school work and finishing whatever I need to finish that I haven't so far. Whew. I feel a little better now that I have a plan.

This has got to stop though. I feel like every aspect of my life is completely out of my control and I do not like that. I am a control freak. At least I have a plan for the next couple of days. I will need to work on a plan to get my life under control.

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