27 November 2014

Organization is the key

It's Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah, for 4-day weekends..... But it is also the weekend before my new classes start. These are the next to last classes I will be taking. I am excited beyond belief. But I'm also nervous. These classes are requiring major projects at the end. The last few classes, I have not kept up on the projects and ended up doing them last minute. No cool. And not possible with these classes. In both classes I'll be in learning communities where we will be sharing our progress each week. That means that I have to keep up and keep on top of everything. There is also other assignments that will need to be done. It will be a busy quarter. I also have to work on my prospectus, though one of the classes will be helping with that. But I need to keep working on that. Plus I still have work and other life obligations. So the key to this is going to be organization. I need to plan and organize my time and my tasks in order to be sure they all get done. That means no more sitting for an hour playing on the computer. No more watching TV for 4 hours straight. Naps will need to be scheduled and not spontaneous. No more 2 or 3 naps a day. I need to be highly organized and highly motivated. I also need to use this weekend to get ahead of things. I have grading that needs to be done and I can start work on my class assignments. I need to be motivated and organized. I need to keep that in mind all the time. Okay, nuff said. I'm off to shower and put some sweats on because it is freaking cold here this morning.

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