20 November 2014

Taking responsibility

So that new start last weekend didn't go so well. Monday night I had a dinner meeting and ended up drinking beer and eating fried crap. Tuesday I was exhausted. Wednesday I was pretty tired too. Today, yeah, you get the idea. Tanked by one night. I wanted to take a day off all week, but am trying to save my time for January. So I've battled through it. But my eating and non-working out has been the result. I'm trying to remember if I've eaten a lot of crap and I don't think I did.

So I need to stand up and take responsibility. I need to track my food. All of my food. Every day. I need to get my saggy butt back to crossfit and get back into the groove of working out. I need to walk my dogs. I need to eat right. I need to stop letting one meal torpedo an entire weekend or week. I need to stop eating sugar and wheat. I need to take responsibility for my actions.

Okay, whew...now that I've blown my stack...let's get a plan.... Starting tomorrow I will track my food. All of my food. I will shoot for 1500 calories a day but will not lose my mind if I go over that. I will drink water like it's my job (another thing I have been falling down on) and I will workout. Maybe I should go back to my just one day.

For just one day I will:

  • track everything I eat
  • drink 2 flasks of water
  • eat no sugar or wheat
  • go to Crossfit

Just one day is all I ask. Just one day. Tomorrow is that day.

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