02 January 2015

Day 1 down

Yesterday was good. I went to Crossfit at noon and did the Crossfit total - a New Year's tradition. Then came home and didn't do a lot the rest of the day. I did get some work done that I needed to do and realized that I needed to run to school - which I will do today. Otherwise, that was it. I have a bit of a headcold and am dragging a bit because of that. I realized that I left something off my Project Me yesterday. I need to add finances in there. My finances are a mess and I need to get a grip on them. So that is being dealt with by putting a moratorium on spending and being aware. Very, very aware. In order to be aware, I need to keep track of the accounts. I currently have two accounts that I keep money in and I pay bills and such from. I need to check these accounts every day and keep track of the balances. I have a few bills I need to catch up on, but before I can do that I need to get a handle on where we are. So that category has been updated on my project me page. Oh, that's what I need, a project me page. Okay, I'm off to make that page and get me some breakfast and then get moving. Must be productive.

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