25 January 2015

Energy, redux

Yesterday I never got to the point of the post, it was related to the title and picture. So I'm going to try again today.

Last week was pretty good, not perfect but acceptable. One of the things I noticed was my energy levels change. On Tuesday I had a ton of energy during the day and into the evening. Wednesday my energy levels were also pretty good. I had open house that night and was at school until almost 8:30pm. I felt pretty good though, tired but not exhausted. Thursday I also felt good. A little tired by not excessively so. I did not go to Crossfit, but I came home and walked the dogs even though I really didn't feel like it. Friday I was exhausted. I struggled to get through the day. The last half of the day I was yawning and yawning. I did not want to go to Crossfit, but I did. Then went out to dinner at the racquet club. The point, and what I noticed, is that when I do Crossfit and walk the dogs (or one or the other) I have more energy the next day. Eating right definitely helps too, but the working out and walking the dogs is huge. Energy creates energy. I can feel my energy levels increase when I workout and so that right there is enough to keep it up.

Yesterday I woke feeling pretty good and went to the partner throwdown, I'll talk more about that in a minute. I came home and was hungry. Hubby made breakfast and I showered and got dressed. It was rainy and cold so I put on some warm clothes. After breakfast I got sleepy. Really. Really. Sleepy. I ended up laying on the couch for a large part of the day watching TV and snoozing. It was so nice. Sometimes you just need a down day to rest, relax, and recharge. I did that yesterday. Last night we went out to dinner, chinese food, and then home and in to bed shortly thereafter. I really relaxing day.

The partner throw down was fun. I did not have a partner, so I paired up with another member who was also partnerless.

WOD #1:
15 min EMOM
Partner 1: 5 KB push presses then hang from bar while
Partner #2 does max jumping lunges
Every minute switch. Score is total number of jumping lunges.

REPS:  272          

WOD #2
Weight ladder
For each bar:  Deadlift 1pt; Clean 2pts; Front Squat 3pts; Thruster 4pts.
Weights started at 45# and went to 115# in 10 lb increments.
I managed to thrust the first 4 - woo hoo


WOD #3:
6 rounds for time, 10 minute time cap
10 deadlift - 115#
10 KB swings - 35#
10 burpees
Partners alternate rounds

TIME: 7:58

It was a fun time. I really enjoy these kind of things because it is the closest I will ever get to the games. It is fun to compete because that is when you really push yourself. I like it and had a really good time.

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