25 January 2015

Project Me Update

I have not done an update since the 9th, so I thought it was about time. Things have been going pretty darn well. Not perfect, but then I'm not perfect.

This week has been good. I only missed 2 of my scheduled 5 Crossfit visits and 2 of my scheduled dog walks. Though in my defense, it has been raining for two days and that was why there was no dog walk. Eating has been good also. I have had sugar more than I wanted to, but it has not been out of control. The best thing that I did this week was switch my thinking. On Tuesday I got this:

And I have really gotten into it. I absolutely love planners and this one is awesome. I have scheduled all my Crossfit and dog walks in it and there is just something about having it scheduled. It becomes a given. If it's in my book it must be so. And that just makes life so much easier. I sit down every night and go over the next day, make any changes that I need to, or add anything that has come up. That information and plan for the day gets put into my head and it becomes fact. I love it. I am going to use this as a way to get my Crossfit habit back and to make sure the dogs get walked more often than not.

Tonight will be spent prepping for next week and making sure my plan is good. I am on the right track and making progress.

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