31 January 2015

Project Me Check in

Here were my goals for the month of January:

My plan for the month of January are as follows:

Fitness: Crossfit 4x a week for a total of 20 times. Yes, that is technically more than 4x a week but I can squeeze in an extra workout during the entire month. Also, walking the dogs 4x a week for a total of 20 times. Success will be measured if I meet those goals.

I went to Crossfit 14 times in the month of January. A little bit short of my goal. I walked the dogs about 10 times this month, far short of my goal of 20.

Health: Prepping my food for the week every Sunday this month, that is 5x. Taking my breakfast and lunch every day this month except January 5th. That will be a total of 17 breakfasts and lunches due to a couple of holidays. Success will be measured by meeting these numbers.

I prepped food almost every Sunday. The problem with this is that I did not always prep breakfast and lunch. Some Sundays I prepped only lunch or only breakfast.

Work: Have a plan when I return on the 6th for each class. Enter zeros for work not turned in the same day the assignment is due. Enter grades for work turned in no later than the next day and all grades for the week entered in by Friday. Success will be measured by not having any ungraded papers when I leave school on Friday.

This has been about 90% successful. The homework thing has been working pretty well and I think this week was the only week I left with ungraded papers.

School: This is the hardest one. I will work on my prospectus every morning for 15-30 minutes. I will work on classwork every night for at least one hour. Success for my prospectus will be measured by having the prospectus completed and submitted by the end of January. Success in my classwork will be measured by not having to sit for hours on Saturday and Sunday completing assignments at the last minute.

This one I failed completely on. I did not work on my prospectus every morning and I only worked on it once or twice. I did not work on my classwork every night and in fact fell completely behind and messed up my deadlines. I now have to sit this weekend and work my butt off.

Finances: Moratorium on all but necessary spending for the month of January. Check the accounts every day for the balances. Keep track of all spending.

This was fairly successful. For the most part I did not spend any money this month. I did spend some tonight, but that was the first time all month.

Now that January is over, it is time to move on to February:

Fitness: Again, Crossfit 20 times a month and dog walking 20 times a month. This month is a short month so the Crossfit goal will mean not missing one workout. I can do it, I just need to stay focused. As for the dog walking, this month allows for 24 dog walks, but I'm cutting myself a little slack for weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Health: Prep, prep, prep. Every Sunday I will prep breakfast and lunch for the week. Success will be taking breakfast and lunch 19 times this month.

Work: Work on being organized and keeping up on my grading. Success will again be measured by having no grading left when I leave on Friday afternoon.

School: Classes end in 2 weeks and new ones don't start until March. Since I did not complete my prospectus as planned this month, I will spend February focused on that. I will devote one hour every night to working on it. I will work on getting organized and figuring out exactly how I want to do this. I will then have the prospectus ready to turn in when new classes start.

Finances: There will continue to be a moratorium on spending. I have a couple of things to do this month to work on getting finances in order. I will take care of those things and continue not spending.

January was a slow start, but I feel like I'm gaining momentum. I think February will be better. At least I'm going to work on February being better.

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