07 May 2015

Second Week check in

On Sunday I talked to the coach and we decided that I should try to stay around 1800 calories and get 130 g of protein. I have done that every day this week and I cannot believe how I feel.

First, I no longer feel pregnant. My stomach had gotten so big that I felt like I was pregnant. I would sit down and have this huge bulge where my lap should be. It was horrible. Well, that is fading. I no longer feel that way and while my stomach is still large, it is getting smaller by the day.

Second, I don't just get hungry, I get HUNGRY!!! And it happens more frequently. I'm not sure I can explain it, but I eat and get full - not stuffed, just full - then a couple hours later I'm hungry again. I'm eating less per meal, but more often. And this is something that evolved all on it's own. I take it as a sign that my metabolism is getting normal.

Third, I feel better and have more energy. I still get tired, but not the exhausted feeling I used to get. I'm more motivated to do things because I just feel better.

Fourth, I do not want sweets. I ate dinner earlier and I'm sitting here still feeling comfortable and not craving sweets like I normally would. I have a package of Oreo's sitting in my kitchen that I haven't touched in a couple of days. I will probably end up throwing them away.

An increase in protein has made a huge difference on me. The real challenge will be to keep it up during the weekend. My eating just goes to hell on the weekend, so that will be my challenge this week.

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