01 May 2015

One week in

Well, clearly blogging every day is just not in the cards, at least not for now. That's okay. I have been tracking my calories every day this week and I have learned a couple of things. First, let's look at some numbers:

Sunday: 1865
Monday: 1887
Tuesday: 2134
Wednesday: 1660
Thursday: 1724
Friday: 2192

This is probably the best week I've had food wise, in a very long time.

What did I discover:
- eating regularly causes you to be hungry.
- eating regularly gives you energy
- eating regularly helps you sleep

I have felt really good this week. Generally had much more energy than usual, though yesterday and today I was exhausted. I have been sleeping like a baby. And I have just generally felt really good. Amazing what a little food will do for you.

On Sunday I will talk with my coach again and start working on hitting some targets. I really like how this is going, so I will be happy to follow it through.

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