14 June 2015

Starting over

Yesterday's post was written as I was proctoring. I've been feeling pretty fat and lazy for the last couple of weeks and yesterday it all just kind of exploded out of me. Sometimes that is good though and I think in this case, it might have been very good. Starting today, I am starting over. I am determined to lose this weight and I am determined to be active like I want to. I spend far, far too much time hanging around the house and end up sleeping on the couch. No more.

Looking back on when I was my thinnest, I was always active. I would get up and workout in the morning, come home and workout at night. On weekends I did long things; bike rides, runs, etc. I did sit around but not as a major part of my day. I need to get back to that place. I need to make movement a priority. So I'm going to do that. I'm going to get up in the morning and do 20 minutes on the treadmill. At night I'm going to walk the dogs and do Crossfit. I have the time, it's summer.

And food, do not even get me started about food. I am going to eat and eat and eat. Again, looking back on when I was my thinnest, these times I was actually eating the most. I would wake up hungry and get hungry at regular intervals. And I craved good food, not junk. I would eat junk but not as much as I do now.

So this is it. Starting over, right now. Going to get some food and get ready for Crossfit. Then I'm going to keep moving the rest of the day and NOT take a nap or even lie on the couch. Going to prep for next week and get my act together. Fuck baby steps, I'm jumping in with both feet.

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