05 July 2015

Almost derailed

You cannot imagine the anger I felt at myself for yesterday. I had been making such amazing progress in so many areas, and one jump almost derailed everything. I went to the store yesterday and bought Nutter Butters and then ate the whole pack. I went to the store today and bought Oreos and have eaten about 6 so far. My desk is starting to pile up again, everything I have done yesterday and today is just sitting on my desk not put away. I missed my 30 minutes last night on my dissertation. I've spent most of today sitting on my ass in front of this beast playing games. I almost let that one thing derail my entire week of progress. Well, it's not going to. I came to my senses just a few minutes ago and am already taking steps to get back on track.

My foot is feeling really good, it has recovered quickly. I am, however, still going to give Crossfit a rest. I saw people today biking and running and I want to do that again. So once my foot heals that's what I'm going to do. As for Crossfit, I may or may not go back. I don't know. In many ways I am over it and in some ways I'd like to continue, we'll see. It is not completely out of the question. I did get up and do some yoga this morning, that felt amazing. So for the foreseeable future I'm doing yoga. I'm going to get up in the mornings and do 30 minutes of yoga, then in the evenings I will walk the dogs. I might add some treadmill work in if my foot feels up to it. I'm going to work on my food too. Nutter Butters and Oreos are not good food choices no matter what program I'm following. I have seriously thought about Weight Watchers again, just of the support and the meetings. I don't know, I'll think about that too. It would be nice to bike to the WW meetings on Saturday mornings and then go for bike ride around town. We'll see. It's all a work in progress.

So there it is. Victim status has been rejected and I am back to being the strong, focused person I was before Saturday.

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