16 July 2015

Not quite what I had in mind

My fabulous plan lasted all of 2 days. Oh well, I guess that's better than not at all. In my defense my current excuses are that the humidity was through the roof last weekend. One day was so muggy you could not move without breaking a sweat. Also, my foot is getting better but it is slow going. So those are my excuses for not following through.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school and I am so looking forward to that. I had begun to think that something might be wrong with me. I have no energy, no motivation, not desire to do anything. Then I realized there was something wrong with me, I'm a f*cking lazy as*. My diet sucks, I'm not working out, no wonder I feel like sh*t. So after tomorrow I will go back to my just f*cking do it plan. But tonight I think I need to go to sleep.

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