09 July 2015

What a difference.....

Last night I was sitting here feeling fat and unmotivated and generally crappy. Thinking back, I realized that I have not done any kind of workout in 2 weeks. Since I injured my foot 8 weeks ago, workouts have been sporadic and not consistent at all. It was showing in my weight, my food choices, and the way I felt in general. I reached my breaking point last night and realized I had to do something. I really, really want to run but that is out until this foot is 100%. I gave serious consideration to returning to Crossfit. Then I remembered about Black Fire. At the beginning of the summer - before I injured my foot - I wanted to get in 2 workouts a day to kick things up. So I signed up for Daily Burn and the Black Fire workouts. So I went over there and checked them out, have to be careful with this ridiculous foot. The workouts are Crossfit style but only about 30 minutes each and they were moves that would not bother my foot. Burpees, dips, and sit-ups. So I got up at 4:30 and did this workout this morning. It was awesome. I was a wreck by the end. Perfect. I felt amazing when I was done!! This set off a whole string of good things. After my workout, I packed my lunch and made some really great choices. I was in a great mood all day and I had energy to get through a long lab day. I got home and did not want to take a nap, okay maybe a little :)

This got me to thinking. Up until Crossfit, I had always been a morning workout person. I like doing it in the morning for a number of reasons. I get it done before other commitments get in the way. It makes me eat better during the day. I just feel better and have more energy all day. I stick with it more. I like working out in the morning and it feels good to be back at it. So that, tomorrow's Friday, and only one more week of summer school. Yeah, things are looking up.

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