02 August 2015

Don't let the bastards get you down.....

For some reason I associate that phrase with my Dad. Now my Dad passed away when I was 13 so I can't see him saying that to me, but then again he was a character and maybe he did. Anyway, yesterday was emotionally draining. Dealing the assholes (that is how they will forever be known to me) and their nonsense all damn day. But, I'm not gonna let the bastards get me down. Wow, my language has deteriorated in this whole mess. Time to get back on the high road. Today I will finish the letter, organize the pictures, and tomorrow I will send it off. Done and done.

I woke up this morning to an email from my methodologist stating that my prospectus was okay. Yikes!!! I didn't realize, but I was sort of hiding behind that prospectus. As long as I didn't have a methodologist that had approved it, I was okay not making progress. Well, that little safety net has been removed. Now I have no reason not to start working on my proposal in earnest and get it done. Ugh!!! I am a master of justification. As long as I didn't have a methodologist, there was no point in putting any real effort into my proposal. That justified me not working on it for days weeks at a time. Those days are over and it is time to get serious. I am going to log the proposal work into my planner like I said yesterday and I'm going to stick to it. No. Matter. What. I need to develop the habit and the rhythm of proposal work in order to get it done. Hubby is still working nights next week, so I will work on getting a decent plan set during that time. Once he is back home at night, I just need to stick to the plan.

I wrote the first part about 2 hours ago and then I drifted away. I pulled up the asshole's letter and started working on that. I looked up strategies for getting a dissertation written. What I learn from that is the only real tried and true method is just to write. Okay. Everyday. I did get the asshole's letter finished, 3 pages of writing with 12 pages of pictures. That should get my point across.

I drifted away again. I went and had breakfast, jumped in the pool for a bit, and have been trolling the internet. Guess I should bring this post to an end or it might go on forever.

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