06 August 2015

Taking the scenic route

So this entire week was kind of a train wreck. I have been eating well. Making my breakfast, lunch, and dinner - even though Hubby works nights and isn't home to cook. I've kept my eating in check and had sugar only 2 days. Yeah, me!!!! That is about the totality of good news. I only worked out once, Monday. I have done exactly zero on my dissertation. And I'm soooooooooo tired. I've started that sleeping like I'm drugged sleep. That is not good when it happens more than one night. So things have not been great. Part of it was the asshole and their stupid letter. I mailed my response on Monday and it was like waiting on pins and needles for when they got it. They got it yesterday and the only way I know that is that they emailed and wanted to move forward with mediation. Swear to god, why can no one else think of this crap???? So I got that going again and we'll see what happens. Another part was that I found out on Sunday that the book I thought I was using was wrong. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! So I've been winging it a bit this week. I have to do some serious planning over the weekend. The final part is the first week tiredness. I always forget how tired I am the first week of school. Unreal. So with all that, I have not been able to stick to my plan. I have got to turn this around, I can't go on like this. It has finally sunk in and I completely and totally understand that I need cardio. I have got to do cardio to lose this weight. So the cardio train starts on Saturday. I'm going to dance and dance and dance. Also, energy begats energy. The more energy I expend, the more energy my body will create and therefore I won't be so sleepy at the end of the day. I've taken naps 2 days this week. Not good. Every night this week I've had to work on something. Not tonight. I'm going to cook dinner, watch some mindless TV and head to bed. I need to shake this tiredness. So that is it. Not a great week, but I have survived. Tomorrow or over the weekend, I need to create some serious goals. SMART, specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. Just some vague notion that I need to lose weight is not cutting it. I need very specific goals. And they need to include my dissertation. I have got to get that done. Okay, enough rambling...I'm off to make some dinner.

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