30 August 2015

Today is prep day

I have a little more shopping to do, then this afternoon will be spent prepping food. I've always prepped food by cooking and then having it available in the fridge. This week is going to be different. I'm going to cut veggies and fruits and have the cut stuff all ready in the fridge. I have half a melon sitting in there that I haven't eaten because I've been too lazy to cut it. Today I cut it and then I will eat it. I also have some mangos I've been meaning to eat, I will cut them too. I will portion out the food I cook into individual servings so I don't have to do that when I'm packing my food. I'm making a breakfast casserole with turnips instead of hash browns and I'm making two types of lunches so I don't get bored during the week. I'm actually looking forward to this. Prepping and planning are my favorite parts or anything. I like the active stages. The just doing is usually not very active so I get bored. Which is why prepping and planning become so important for me. I am going to get ready to walk the dogs. Hubby is working tonight, so there will be no walk tonight. Last night there was no walk because it was crazy humid and I was sick from 2 huge glasses of sweet tea. So this morning it is, hopefully before everyone else gets out and before the humidity builds.

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