07 September 2015

I'm ready....

After last night's post, I sat and created a to-do list in my planner. I have a fabulous Passion Planner that I did not use in the month of August. When I use it, I find I am very productive. When I don't use it??? Not so much. So I dusted it off and made a to-do list for today. Today is Labor Day, so it's a good day to catch up on things I did not do over the weekend. The thing is though, now I'm sitting here waiting for Hubby to get up because the things on my list create noise. I just reread that sentence and realized I was using that as an excuse to sit on the computer and play around. Reading does not make noise. Walking on my treadmill does not make noise. Logging on to Phoenix or Walden does not make noise. This is truly what I need to work on; catching myself in these little lies that I tell myself. Yes, I need down time, but there are also little chunks of time that I can use to do something quickly. Like now and reading. I can't sit and read for hours straight, I fall asleep. So doing it in little chunks will work better for me. Okay, I am going to go check Phoenix and Walden and then do something productive.

Later that day: So I worked my list all day and feel really good about it. I did not complete everything. For example I had go to 24 hour fitness on there and I didn't make it. Part of that was because I got caught up in other things and part is that I just forgot and kept overlooking it. I am going this week though. I'm going to increase my morning walking on the treadmill. I also didn't get the house vacuumed because it was raining most of the day and the dogs were in the house. If I kicked them out to vacuum they would have come back all muddy and then I would have had to mop. I'm good with dog hair one more day. I will do that tomorrow. I'm feeling good because I had a plan and I basically stuck to it. It did not go perfectly, but then I'm not perfect. And I'm okay with that. I'm getting ready to head to bed now.

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