03 October 2015

Excuses or results.....

And lately I've got thousands of excuses. Let's see....I'm tired is one I use frequently. I am tired when I get home from school and so rather than walk the dogs, which by the way will make me feel not so tired, I nap. I've got too much to do....that's always a good one. I do have too much to do, far too much. But instead of doing it, I sit around on facebook or play games or nap.....My foot hurts...thankfully, I haven't been able to use that one in about 3 weeks now...My shoes are all old...now this was true, but I bought new so can't say that anymore...Not enough time...that has been the one of choice lately in the mornings...and there is some truth to it. The tunnel I take to work is having issues and only one lane is open. If I leave a little early, I can avoid much of the traffic and get to work at a decent time. If I wait too long, it takes me a long time to get to work. However, I've been using that excuse not only to avoid exercise in the mornings but to stop at Starbucks too. Yeah, that excuse has to go. If I plan decently the night before, I don't have to get to work before the crack of dawn. And then there is food......I will have one treat...well, I had one treat another won't hurt....tomorrow I'll restart......UGH!!! I'm so over myself......Needless to say, with all these excuses I have had zero results. So I think it's time to lose the excuses and start facing reality.

Right now there are 89 days until New Years Day. On New Years Day I want to return to Crossfit. At this rate I will be 300 lbs and unable to do anything. I have got to make a change. Now. Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not when I get back from Molokai. Now. I feel huge and I don't want to feel huge. I have got to make a change and I have got to do it now.

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