26 September 2015

Today is a new day

and I'm going to view it as a new start. I have been up for almost an hour now. I woke around 5 am and had to go the bathroom so I just decided to stay up. I haven't done much since I've been up, but I am wide awake now. I am torn as to what to do. I want to work on my dissertation but I also want to walk/run. I only have until around noon, because Hubby will be home and we need to go to Costco. That is going to involve lunch, probably beer, so the afternoon is kind of shot. Then I have to walk the dogs, no excuses today. I think I just decided to work on my thesis. I will walk this afternoon with the dogs, and maybe I'll even do couch to 5k with Axl. But I need to get some work done on my dissertation. Okay, it's been decided.

I've kind of come to grips with the fact that while I'm writing this, I will not get to do all the things I want to do. I would love to spend an hour a day working out, but that just does not look like it will be in the cards every day. I do believe though, that this will be the worst part. Once I get through the first 3 chapters, I think it will get a little easier.

Okay, enough nonsense I'm going to start writing.

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