31 October 2015

One step up and two steps back.....

Love Springsteen even if that is not quite what I wanted to say....

Back from my WW meeting and I'm up 1.4#. Now, I need to keep this in perspective. Is this a surprise? No. Did I eat with some abandon this week? Yes. Did I indulge in candy on more than 1 day? Yes. Did I track everyday? No. Did I go over my points excessively a couple of days in a row? Yes. Did I have a whole lot of stress this week? Yes. So this upward movement is no surprise at all. All this does is make me want to focus harder on eating right and getting some activity in.

Which leads me to this, I have signed up for a 50 miles in November challenge. Starting tomorrow, I have 30 days to log 50 miles. That is approximately 1.67 miles per day. That is more than I am getting now so it should be a good boost. I would also like to add in some workouts. I have not worked out all the logistics yet, but I'm thinking treadmill in the morning and short workout in the afternoon/evening. I know initially it will be a matter of forcing myself to do it, much like the morning treadmill. But eventually it will become a habit, much like the morning treadmill.

So it's November 1st, let's make some goals for the month and not just move through it on cruise control:

  • Track everything, food & exercise, everything - this just needs to be done. No special equipment, no special routine, just do it. 
  • Restrict sugar intake to less than 30 grams a day - this will require me to track my food in myfitness pal along side the WW app. This can be a little humbug, but I only need to do it for a bit to get the sugar under control. 
  • 2 miles everyday - if things remain the same, this will require me to either walk at night or to start jogging. 
  • Start jogging - at least 2x a week jog instead of walk
  • Workout 3x per week - add in some crossfit style workouts a couple of times a week
  • Water, water, water - nuff said

Those are good, reasonable goals. Nothing too harsh, but increase the movement more. Right now, I think I'm going to take a little nap. Still working off the sugar hangover from yesterday.

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