31 October 2015

Relearning things

Back in 2007. in this post, I extolled the vitrues of eating protein. I discussed the realization that I had made about sugar and simple carbs and the lack of fullness associated with both. Well, apparently I've forgotten all about that. I've gone back to WW and back to eating crap again. Yesterday, we celebrated Halloween at school. There was candy everywhere. I had bought some the week before to give to my classes - and got yelled at for it - so I had that too. I was doing okay until I succumbed to the call of the candy siren. And I had a couple pieces. Then I had a couple more. Then a couple more. You get the idea. By the end of the day I felt like crap. Absolute, utter crap. I cannot eat like that. I just can't. I could hardly keep my eyes open last night. After writing about how I felt my energy returning, I quickly chased it away. So, I need to rethink some stuff. Yes, I am back at WW and yes, I can loosen up my eating a little, but I still have to do what works for me. What works for me is protein and no sugar. Eating good food instead of junk. The crap is just not worth it. It doesn't even taste that good. So seriously, let's eat like an adult and not a 12 year old.

I have to leave for WW soon. After yesterday, not really sure how this will go. Going to grab a Starbucks on my way to help wake my ass up. Okay, off to jump in the shower real quick.

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