26 November 2015

Changing my outlook

When you only look at the negative, things can get really dark. I was on the borderline of that. I have problems. Lord knows, I have problems. The thing is, as in the previous post, I have far more to be thankful and grateful for then I think a lot of times. So I'm changing my tune.

I'm starting with my self talk. No longer will I say, I have to do X,Y,Z. My new attitude will say, I get to do X, Y, Z.....

I will log my food!! Every day!!! I have the food to eat, the electricity and internet to run my computers and phone, there is no reason whatsoever not to log everything.

I will workout!!! Every day!!! I am strong, healthy, and have the equipment to workout. Plus I have a 24 hour fitness membership. I will workout every single day even if it is only walking on the treadmill; like I am now; typing things.

I will be happy!! I choose Happy!!! Happiness is a choice.

There is always, always, always, a bright side to things. It is time to start focusing on that and not on the negative.

I will NOT focus on the dark side, I'm all about the light side now.

Starting today, right now, this instant.... I have a new attitude.

This is going to trickle over into my food. I'm over this counting points, eating carbs, not eating carbs, blah, blah, blah. I'm not sure why exactly I went back to all that. I think I was just desperate for something that would work. Well, guess what will work??? Eating reasonably and moving more. Seriously. I know that I can't work off the food I eat, but not moving much at all is not helping anything. Also, the more I move the more I want to move. So logging my food, moving my ass and having a joyful, grateful outlook.

In many ways, I can be such a child. At 56 years old and I can still pout when things don't go my way. Surrounding myself with an air of unhappiness leads to more unhappiness. I firmly believe that you attract what you give out. So from now on it is all about positivity and happiness.

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