06 November 2015


The dark, evil, long, vortex of September, October, and November is upon us. Okay, it's been here for a while but it is really getting back lately. These past couple of weeks have been absolutely brutal. Long, dark, and seemingly never ending. Ugh!!! The good news is we are almost out of it. Next week we have the veteran's day holiday, two weeks later it's thanksgiving, then boom, we slide into the Christmas holidays. Yeah boy. Can. Not. Wait.

Because of this dark period, I cannot seem to keep things together. Eating is spotty - too much candy. Walking on the treadmill in the morning is becoming harder and harder. Staying upright at any time during the day is becoming harder and harder. I'm tired, worn out, and so ready for a break. I didn't really get a fall break because of the Molokai trip and now I'm feeling the effects of that decision. Never again will I travel on a break. Just not worth it. Unless I'm traveling for myself. That will be a different story.

I'm on the treadmill right now. I have not been going very fast, so this week I've kicked it up to a fast walk and boy my legs can feel it. I really believe it is time to start running. Tomorrow or Sunday that will happen.

Guess that's it. All I can think of to write is whiny stuff and I don't need to put that down or even acknowledge it. So I guess I'm done for now.

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