25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

And so another Christmas rolls around. Last night we went over to a friends house and had a nice little get together with folks we haven't seen since last Christmas. It was fun. We always have a good time with those folks, they are just fun and we laugh a lot. So that was good. Hubby bought me Hokas or Christmas:

These exact ones. I'm very excited about them and I am very excited to start running again. But I'm also a little scared. I'm not positive exactly why I'm scared, but I am. I want to start running again. I really like running. I want to enter races and do things like that again. I like that. I had fun with that. But something inside me is scared. Am I afraid of getting injured? Am I afraid of failure? I don't know, but I do know I need to get over it.

I bought Hubby tickets to Santana. He freaking loves Santana. Loves. Them. So they are going to be here in March and I know he would love to go, so I bought him a pair of tickets. He is going to love that.

It looks to be a fairly quiet day. We may go see the new Star Wars movie, or not, who knows.

The other day when I posted, I said I was going to start running and that I needed to so something, I couldn't sit on my butt all day. Well, neither of those things happened. I did sit on my butt all day, and the next day, and I did not start running. I do need to start doing something though. I have things I want to accomplish this break and I'm rapidly running out of time. Of course, we stayed at our friend's house until 10:30 last night. I didn't get to bed until 11 pm - super late for me. So today I am tired. Maybe I will put off my new start until tomorrow. Or later today. I will just have to see how I feel.

Okay, I'm pretty well starving. I need to rustle up some food.

Update, later that day: Well, today was the laziest day of break yet. I was going to go to Crossfit, but ended up not doing that. So I showered and Hubby made breakfast. Eggs benedict. Ugh. I ate it all. I was so full. Ugh. After that I fell asleep on the couch. Between the huge breakfast and lack of sleep, that was not a surprise. After I woke up, I ate some lunch. Ugh....too full.....ended up laying around the afternoon and watching crappy TV. And playing games. I played lots of games. Then we had dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen. Now it is almost 8:30 pm and I'm getting ready to go to bed. I need to not be like this. I need to do things. I actually get a head ache when I lay around too much. I'm going to go to Crossfit tomorrow morning, 8 am. Then I'm going to start working on my school stuff. I need to run to school to check on the fish. And I need to run. Hubby bought me new shoes, I need to use them. Okay, getting ready to sign off for now.

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