31 December 2015

New Years Eve

I have said this year after year after year, but I love new beginnings. The new year provides a great start for a totally new beginning.

I love this sentiment. Many times it is the past that drags us down. Thinking about our past and constantly reminding ourselves of it is a great way to ruin the future. 2015 was not the best year ever. It was pretty good, but definitely could have been better. So I'm dumping 2015 into the past and looking at tomorrow as a blank book. A new start. A whole new story to write.

This year will actually be pretty exciting. We will be gearing up to make the big move and I'm really excited about that. I do have some decisions to make this year. What am I going to do about my Ph.D.??? I honestly don't know. Really don't know. I'm aware that there are a couple of options and I'm going to try and get the money through the Hawaii Foundation, but I honestly do not know how it will work out. I'm open though. In many ways, I'm thinking I'm done with that journey. It seems a waste to put in all that time and effort and then not finish, but I would not be the first to be ABD (all but the dissertation). Though I would love, love, love to finish it. I will try to work it out, but I'm open to whatever may happen.

This year, I'm giving up beating myself up. I'm done with it, I'm over it. I'm going to work towards weight loss and health and fitness, but the self abuse is over. Time to celebrate the successes and move on from the failures.

I'm also going to work on organization this year. Seriously work on it. Today I'm going to clean the house, thoroughly, so that I start the new year with a clean house. Then I'm going to incorporate some of the fly lady techniques into my maintenance of the house. I want a clean, organized house and I know that it is possible. I tried fly lady again, and in 2 days the emails just got out of control. I would spend so much time reading emails I never got anything done. So that's over. I am however, going to use her methods and set up my own schedule. I love the idea of clearing 'hot spots' (those areas that collect junk regularly) a couple of times a day. I also like the idea of cleaning the kitchen and bathroom sinks a couple of times a day. Finally, having a schedule for doing things every day, I'm open to that. I just need to work it all out. Also, a focus every week is good, that way the whole house gets a good cleaning every month.

I'm also going to improve my organization at school. I made great strides in that area last semester, I want to become even more organized. I'm excited about that, again, I just need a plan for doing it. I may even make checklists for the beginning and ending of the day to help keep me on track.

So let's recap my goals for this year:

Be nice to myself: work on health and fitness but no self-abuse anymore.

Clean house: keep the house clean and organized without killing myself.

School Organization: be organized and keep on top of things at school.

Focus and organization at home: I have ordered a new Passion Planner for the new year. I have been using my school one for home stuff. The new one will be my control journal. I will keep track of everything that needs to be done in the house as well as the financial information. This I am really excited about.

Okay, today we are heading out to Costco to stock up on crab for dinner (love that tradition). Then it is home to clean the house. I also want to walk the dogs early to avoid all the fireworks.

Here is to a fabulous 2016.

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