01 January 2016

Another year gone

Well, we survived another new year's eve. When we move, I want to make sure we move to a place that doesn't allow fireworks. I have never been a fan, but after living here I am over them completely. So the war zone that was Kaneohe last night, is now quiet as everyone sleeps in. The dogs were freaking out, at least Lola and Bella were. Axl could not have cared less. We watched a movie, The Revenant, and what a humongous waste of time. It was just weird. The main character kept getting in all these horrible situations that should have left him dead but didn't. He was mauled by a bear, shot, went over a waterfall, just horrible things. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the end, so I don't know what happened to him. Not sure I want to know either.

After that, it was around 10 pm, we went to bed. The dogs seemed to like that better. Everyone was in bed together and seemed to calm down. At midnight we headed out the back door to watch the show. It was crazy. So many illegal aerials, just unreal. Luckily by about 12:30 it was getting pretty quiet and I was able to fall asleep. Still was up by 7 because the birds needed to be fed. Today should be a pretty lazy day.

Yesterday ended up being horrible in that my back was giving me tremendous amounts of grief. I took a nap on the couch yesterday and when I got up vacuumed the house. By the end of vacuuming, my low back was absolutely killing me. I kept have to stop and bend over to relieve the pain. I ended up walking the dogs, but is was a slow, painful walk. I can feel it this morning twinging. I realized that it is because of my belly. That is a huge factor in this pain. My big ole belly is pulling so hard forward that it is screwing up my back. That was what made me realize, it is not a matter of wanting to lose weight, I have to if I want to live pain free. It is no longer a choice. I am basically at a crossroads. I can continue on the way I'm going and end up like those people on My 600 lb life, or I can make a change right here and now. Well, guess what one I'm choosing????

I am not going to do my usual routine, where I jump into everything full force and try to do it all at once. I can't, I will end up in great pain. I'm going to make small changes. For example, food. I'm going to follow the nutritional guidelines that Stephanie has laid out for me, to the T. I will figure out how to eat so that I meet them. I will workout everyday, but that may be only walking the dogs. I will do Crossfit twice a week and I will walk on the treadmill every morning. As I get stronger, I will start to add running into the mix, but I'm going to focus on just moving. I sit still far too much. I'm also going to take my organization goals slowly. I was going to completely clean the house yesterday and start from there. Well, once my back spoke up that did not happen. But I am going to focus on one area a day and get that cleaned up. Today it will be the kitchen. I figure I can work on that sporadically as I watch some TV and just take it easy today. I am also going to really jump into my lesson planning for the next semester. I want to have a map of what I'm doing and where I'm going.

So, basically, after 2 weeks of being a giant lazy ass, it is time to kick it into gear and get things done. I'm okay with baby steps. That is usually how I make lasting changes so I'm okay with that.

Here is to a fabulous new year.

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