10 January 2016


Last year I picked up a Passion Planner:

It turned out to be one of the most amazing planners I have ever used. Not only did it allow room for you to write everyday things, there were spaces for to-do lists and extra space to make notes. Even better, there was a way to set goals and track them and then a way to review each month at the end. I absolutely love it. I got a big one, then ordered an academic one for school, and for the new year I ordered a special edition one for home:

I love it. So I have one for home and one for school. In the home one I keep track of finances and things around the house. The school one I carry back and forth and has things like meetings and things I need to do/make and have ready for classes. It actually works out really well. There is some overlap but that's okay. I didn't want all my personal stuff being in the one I take to school in case anything happens to it. Trust me, this is leading somewhere.

After Crossfit this morning, I sat down with my new Passion Planner and decided to fill in the front part. One of the first things the planner has you do is create your passion roadmap. You figure out goals for the next 3 months, year, 3 years, etc. Since I've put the Ph.D. on hold indefinitely, I've been kind of floundering with goals. I have the goal of moving to the mainland, but other than that, nothing. I thought to myself that I am in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen. Then it hit me. I want to lose weight and get in shape. I also really want to start running. Why don't I make that my 3 month goal? Why don't I start there and see what develops from there? So I did. I sat and created a roadmap that would get me back to being a runner by my birthday. I looked up some races and found the Ford Island Bridge 10K on April 2nd. I should be able to do that. I did this race in 2005. It was the running weekend of my life. I ran 2 back-to-back 10ks and did the second one faster than the first one. I was on a real high that weekend. So let's see how I can do 11 years later.

It is so hard to believe that stuff was 10-11 years ago. But I've been teaching for 7 years and haven't really been doing anything like that in that time. Wow. I think I picked a really good goal and it all starts tomorrow with a 3 mile walk/run.

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