09 January 2016

Week 1 Recap

This past week was the first week of a couple of things. First, I was back to school after Christmas break. Ugh!!! But I made it and the week went really well, so that's good. Also, it was the first week on my new program with Steph. I did not hit the macro targets this week, but I ate better than I normally do and that is huge. Next week will definitely be better. The workouts didn't happen this week at all. That was because I was sick all week. Woke up Monday with a slightly stuffy nose and a little scratchy throat. By Tuesday I had a full blown head cold. It lasted until Thursday, but yesterday was definitely better. Since it was the first week of school, I really couldn't call in sick, so I just had to struggle through. And I made it just fine. Yesterday I felt much, much better. And today, except for a slightly stuffy nose, I feel just fine. I was planning on going to Crossfit last night, but ended up coming straight home. I am going to the 8 am class this morning. I want to go Tuesdays and Saturdays. So today I get back on track with that. Also, now that I have a better idea of what to eat, I'm gong to work very, very hard to get my protein in. I'm feeling good because I have increased my protein from what I normally eat. That gives me energy and I just feel better. Even though I've been sick, eating more protein has definitely helped. I also need to get back to the activity. Back to the treadmill and dog walking. Because of my cold, I didn't walk the dogs all week. That has to change. There is no try, no maybe, no I want, it HAS to change. I HAVE to get more activity and that is all there is to it. So there are no more want, try, maybe, there is only will!!!!!! So that is how my week went in health and fitness.

As far my organization aspirations go, also not perfect. I never got the entire house clean, that just did not happen. I have, however, been making a real effort to keep the kitchen clean. I've been doing my dishes after I fix the bird food in the mornings and I've done the dishes every night, even though I was sick. I figure if I start with one thing and work from there. So the kitchen has been it. I make sure that I do all my dishes from lunch, which I have a habit of forgetting or ignoring. On Tuesdays many times, I don't do the dishes because there are only a few. Well, they got done this week. Baby steps. So I kept the kitchen clean all week, maybe I'll add the counter this week. One habit at a time.

The first week back to school was good. I've changed things up a little and just need to keep on top of them. I think they will be good, at least they seemed to work out good this week. Just a matter of keeping it up and maintaining my high standards.

One other thing that I decided to focus on this year is happiness. I spent too much of last year feeling down and depressed and just not happy. I know that by cultivating an attitude of gratitude, things will get better. I know that. I am generally a positive person and I've decided to get back to that positivity. That has been going well. I'm working to see the joy in all things and generally doing a pretty good job. I'm also working to make my self talk positive and that is making a huge difference. I literally feel mentally lighter when I don't allow myself to think bad things about myself. I feel more happy, confident, and definitely positive. It is working. So that needs to continue as the more I do it the better I will get at it.

Okay, that about wraps up this week's adventures. Oh, I almost forgot. Steph has me weighing myself every morning and the weights went like this: 213.4,212.6,,212.6,212.6,212.6,210.4.  I was like, WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? That is so cool. Even not being perfect, just being more mindful has helped. Imagine what will happen when I start hitting my macros. Woot!!!!!

Okay, that's really it. I need to start getting ready for Crossfit. As much as I would like to stay home, I have to get some activity.

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