31 January 2016

It's been one week

This is not completely true, the week wasn't that rough, just normal rough. I took Monday off because I had to take my car in only to find out that they couldn't fix it. Ugh!!!! So angry at them. But the dentist called and could squeeze me in Monday afternoon; I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday and that would have required another day off; so I went to that and it all worked out well. The rest of the week was pretty normal. Chris came in on Wednesday for the pro-bowl, which is today. He leaves tomorrow. Other than that it has been pretty routine. Nothing spectacular, good or bad, and just normal.

One good thing that did happen is I figured out how to hit my macros. That was huge. For 5 weeks I've been working towards eating better and trying to hit them and I kept falling short. Then suddenly this week it just clicked and I started hitting them. Weird. But it's good. I have to go another week hitting them before we do anything different. At least this week will be a little easier, now that I know what I'm doing.

I'm supposed to walk 6 miles this morning. I've been delaying it because a) it's raining a little; b) I have a whole lot to do today; and c) I really just don't feel like it. But if I don't go today, I won't have a chance again until next weekend. Maybe I'll go for a shorter walk and not the full 6 miles. That would work. Maybe if I just get out there, I'll feel like doing the whole 6 miles. I have all day to get everything else done because the boys are at Pro Bowl and won't be back until 7 or 8 tonight. So I have all day to grade and write tests and if I focus, those things won't take long. And I need to go to Costco.....oh hell, I'm going for a walk.....

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