24 January 2016

Sh*t just got real all up in here.......

My last post was never quite finished. I was an ongoing post all day yesterday and I just decided to publish it this morning and start a new post. Yesterday, every time something came up, I would write a little in the post. The thoughts will be ongoing for a long time, so I just decided to publish the post unfinished. Life is like that sometimes.

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down with Hubby and laid it all out for him. I tried not to influence his decision either way, just laid out the pros and cons of leaving and staying. Then asked him to think about it and let me know what he thinks. Well, last night at dinner he said he had thought about it most of the day and thought we should leave. Uhhhhhh........ I honestly was not expecting that from him. I really thought he would want to stay longer. He does want to stay until August or September. That makes it a little bit difficult as school usually starts in August, so if I was to get a teaching job I would need to be there. But then I thought, no we could make it work. I can sub for the time we remain here and when we settle on a place to live, I can sub there for a while. So this could work. But crap it's scary. I really, really thought he would say to stay longer. I was completely not expecting this at all. See, just when you think you know someone........ So that means the next few months will be busy, busy, busy. We have a ton of stuff to clear out. The carport needs to be rebuilt. We need to paint the house, inside and out, and make some minor repairs around the place. Plus there is just a ton of stuff to either dump or sell. I see many garage sales in our future. Yikes.....I'm tired just thinking about it. Our son is coming for a visit Wednesday to Monday, so nothing will happen yet. But as soon as he leaves, we need to kick it into high gear. Wow, my head is spinning a little. Things seem to be happening so quickly. They are not, I know, but once the decision is made - boom - time to move.

I hope this is the right decision. I hope we made the right choice. I hope we are doing the right thing. It is so easy to stay in one place and not change things, it is much more difficult to make a big change. I pray this is the right decision.

The quote of the day on my blog is: Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.
Clare Boothe Luce

Wow, talk about timing.

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