20 March 2016

The emotional rollercoaster continues

So Friday night I was feeling a little better about the whole job thing, but depressed about the taxes. Oh, well, nothing can be done now. So made a plan for Saturday that I knew wasn't going to work as soon as I woke up. So I thrashed that plan and just did my normal thing. Ate breakfast and got ready to head out to CF. As I got to CF I get a message from an old co-worker. Seems the school in Arizona had called to my old place to get a reference. He spoke to my friend and not the crazy ass nun. My friend gave him a great reference and told him I was an awesome teacher. So I got a little hopeful for a couple of reasons. A) he called up there which means I have not been eliminated. B) he called up there on Friday which means I have definitely not been eliminated. So now I have hope again. Then came 16.4.

When I first saw 16.4 on Thursday, I freaked out a little. Here it is:

Workout 16.4
13-min. AMRAP:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups

That first move, 55 deadlifts, got me. My back does not like deadlifts. If I'm not careful, my back will seize up during deadlifts. Awesome!!! So I was kind of freaking out about this the entire week. Get to CF yesterday and am still a little freaked. Sign myself up for the 4th heat and get more freaked out watching people struggle with it during the first 3 heats. I was not looking forward to this at all. Finally, my turn came. I loaded the bar with 95# - definitely doing scaled - and cinched my belt up as tight as I could make it. Got through the 55 without too much trouble. I should note that I had a friend sitting almost in front of me yelling to bend the legs not the back the whole time. But honestly, I think that helped. Awesome!!!! Then it was on to the wall balls. Wall balls are wall balls. They suck and there is nothing you can do about it, just keep moving and get through them. I did. Then it was time for the rower. A 55 calorie row is a long row. You are looking at 6-8 minutes, depending on how good a rower you are. After 55 deadlifts and 55 wall balls, my arms and legs were shot. I could not get a good rhythm going and I kept stopping because I was exhausted. I ended up rowing 48 calories when time ran out. But I made it through alive and I'm glad about that. Last night though, I could feel my quad muscles starting to get sore. Woke up this morning and holy moly are they sore. Yikes. Going to be a relaxing day on the couch I think....

Okay, as usual, I feel better having gotten all this out. The more I stay in my own head, the crazier and crazier things get. This blog has been a sanity saver over the years and I'm not sure what would have happened without it.

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