18 March 2016

What a week its been

I feel like I've been on an emotional rollercoaster. So many things have happened in such a short amount of time. Let's review:

Monday: The last full day of classes before spring break. Nothing much happened in my classes and I worked to get some grading done. Tired, tired, tired. Received a call about a job app I had submitted. Want to do a skype interview on Wednesday morning. Woo hoo - what a high.

Tuesday: Field day and we had 20 minute classes. What a waste of time. 20 minutes. Nothing was done in class - again - and worked on my grading. For field day I got to show a movie in my room and so got to work on more grading.

Wednesday: First day of spring break. Slept in a bit and lazed around in my pjs. Made myself presentable for the skype interview at 8:30 am. Interview went well. Typical teacher questions. What have you done....how would you handle.....blah, blah, blah. Think it went really, really well. Super high. Hubby gets home and I discover that I accidentally put his number down as a reference. Crazy high now!!!! They are already checking my references!!!! Contact reference to have them call only to find out he had emailed. Perfect!!! Unbelievably high on the thought of getting this job!!!!!

Thursday: Interviewer calls. He needs to contact my schools. Tell him about the crazy ass nun and my time in hell. Tell him to go ahead and contact everyone WTF??? Down now, sure that the crazy ass nun will screw everything up for me. Seriously depressed. Then learn that the lady at current school is all mad because I'm looking for a job!! WTF??? What the hell is it her business???? Why the fuck should she care???? Really angry!!! Had to email the principal and explain situation. A little nervous about how he would react. After a calming walk with the dogs, still a little down about job, but more realistic now. Talked to Hubby and said it was time to completely commit or back out. Time to go All In!!! We both agreed, we are all in!!! Relief to have that decision set. No more waffling and we can move forward with confidence now. Now laughing at lady at school. She has no idea that she forced us to commit fully to something she thinks is wrong. Funny!!!! End the day feeling a little down about the job, but coming to terms with it.

Friday: Got email from principal. He was very understanding and compassionate. Definitely made me feel better. Worked on some applications, didn't finish any. Felt pretty okay most of the day. Decided to do my taxes tonight. Ugh!!! All down again now because we owe. Again!!! How is it freaking possible to owe every single year and yet be so freaking broke???? Ugh!!! So bummed about that.

Feeling down on myself because i have not worked out all week. I've had a lot going on and errands and work and emotions and I just did not get in any workouts. Bummer. Also, food has not been that great. Not compeltely horrible, but not as good as it could have been. In fact, I'm sitting here with a bulging belly and not feeling like dinner at all. Time to get back on track.

Tomorrow is a new day and Hubby will be gone all day. My day will look like this:

5:30am - get up have tea
6:00 am - eat breakfast
6:45 am - walk to Crossfit
7:15 am - ROMWOD
8 - 10 am - 16.4
10ish - walk home
12 - lunch
4 pm - walk the dogs

Nice. Some activity, some good food. Yes, just what I need to get back on track and to shake this mood. I will find a job. The move will happen. And everything will be awesome. I will use house money to pay off those fucking taxes and we will never have to owe again.

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