05 May 2016

The past 3 months have been a blur

It all started on January 23rd when we decided to commit to the move this year. We were going to move over the summer and it seemed so long away. 5-6 months. Now, here we are on the precipice of the move. Ugh!!! So much has happened I don't even know where to start, so I'm just going to jump in.

We had a garage sale the weekend of April 2nd. Then we rebuilt the carport the weekend of April 9th. On April 16th the POD came and on the 21st it left. We have painted the entire house inside and out. We have been working on the house every weekend until we literally collapse into bed. I look forward to going to work on Monday because I can get some rest. Tuesday, May 3rd, I took off work and the realtor came and staged the house and took pictures. Tomorrow the listing goes live. Sunday is our first open house. Oh my. Things have just moved at such a rapid pace and everything has happened in such a blur it's hard to keep track of things.

Next weekend, the 13th - 16th, we fly to Phoenix for a look around. It is exciting and scary. Oh, I got a job. I did mention it briefly before. It is at a charter school outside Phoenix. They only work 4 days a week - woo hoo!!!! Every week is a three-day weekend, how awesome is that. I get to meet them next Friday. Woot...

What else??? I think we are finally done with the house. It is on the market and what is, is.

I had plans of writing this long post about how the stress has affected me, but quite frankly I'm just too tired. Maybe this weekend....

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