06 May 2016

Time to refocus

When I sat down to blog yesterday, I was going to complain about how I feel. Then I thought I'd do a short recap of the past 3 months, and then I got tired. So here is the post I was thinking of last night.

I feel like crap. I'm the highest weight I've been in a long, long time and I feel every ounce of it. I'm not doing much of anything and I'm feeling every step I miss. I feel like a huge, huge hippo. Okay, having got that out of my system, let's examine what is going on and how to recover from it.

First, eating hasn't been great because I've been so busy. Seriously. I work so hard on the weekends that I'm exhausted all week long. When I'm really busy, I'll just grab whatever there is to eat. When I'm exhausted I don't really want to eat and only crave carbs. So clearly, getting enough rest has got to become a priority or things will continue to spiral out of control. I believe that the worst is over and I should be able to relax on the weekends now. (After I wrote this, I headed into the kitchen and ate a twinkie...perfect).

Second, for similar reasons, workouts have not been happening. Too busy on the weekends; too tired during the week. So I think once I get some rest, I'll be able to pick up the exercise a bit.

Now that I look at things logically, I realize that it all hinges on rest. I get enough sleep, I don't crave the carbs and I have the energy to workout. Simple. So I think my recovery has to start with sleep and rest. Rest does not necessarily mean sleep. Sometimes it means just being quiet and relaxing. Sometimes it means mindless TV watching. This weekend I just need to clean the house and have it ready for open house on Sunday. That should be pretty easy to do and should allow for lots of rest. I will go to Crossfit tomorrow and Sunday. I will also prep some food.

Let's talk about food. I can't decide which program to follow. If I do the flexible dieting, I have to eat way too many carbs and I feel fat and bloated. If I follow altshift, I feel pretty good. I hate when my stomach feels big, like I'm pregnant. So I think I'm going to go with altshift and really follow the program. I like the way I feel when I don't eat a lot of carbs, I just need to get back with the program. So food prep this weekend is a must.

So it really all comes down to sleep. I will focus on sleep this weekend too. Okay, I got this.

This is why I really love to blog. I felt lost and hopeless when I sat down,but after laying things out I can see that I need to focus on sleep and rest and that will help my recovery in other areas. Okay, I totally got this.

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