16 June 2016

Moving is crazy

Moving is crazy. Moving across an ocean is flat out nuts. When moving there are so many things to remember. When moving across an ocean there are even more. There are things like, where is my mail going to go? I leave this house on the 25th of June and don't have a real address again until the house I am buying closes on July 13th. Where does my mail go between now and then? Luckily I figured out how to open a PO box in Arizona from Hawaii. So now at least I know where my mail is going.

Then there is the money issue. We will be getting over $200,000 from the house and it will go into our Hawaii account. In order to buy the house in AZ I will need a cashier's check for $105,000. How do I get a cashier's check on money that is in Hawaii when I am in AZ. I opened an account in AZ last night, I just hope it all works. If it does, the accounts are hooked up and we will be able to transfer money back and forth. Fingers crossed.

While writing this, I had to stop and call an insurance agent. I need homeowner's insurance on the house in AZ and I keep forgetting to call them. Finally just made the call.

That it the thing with this move. There are 8 million tiny details that keep popping up. Just when I think I have everything handled, something else pops up and I'm off on new tangent. It's no wonder I don't get anything done during the day.

That's not even considering the logistics. We have to leave this house on the 25th, but won't be flying out until the 27th or 28th. So what to do until then? We'll be staying in a hotel with all 3 dogs - that will be fun. But we have to check out of the hotel by noonish and our flight will not be until 9pm. What to do then. Plus, how do we transport 3 dogs and their crates to the airport? Details, details, details.

Thankfully things are all falling into place, but it is taking so much mental power, it is just crazy. Plus, I started back to Walden and have class work to do. Ugh!!!!! Things are completely crazy here.

This Saturday we are packing the POD up with everything we are taking. That means we will be without things for the next month. Things we use all the time, like this computer. Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

But, the good thing is things are coming together. Everything is working out and I know we are doing the right thing. This is what we are supposed to be doing at this point in time. I'm looking forward to moving to AZ. Living in a house where the neighbor isn't breathing down our necks. Having a pool. And most importantly, not struggling month to month. This is all going to be worth it.

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