17 June 2016

Back to basics

I've been really trying to get some activity in during the day, walking, yoga, etc. Unfortunately I have not been consistent nor have I done it enough. I still spend far, far too much time sitting on my ass. So as I was laying in bed last night, I thought about every other time I've lost weight. What did I do that got me started? How did I start? What were the most basic things I did to get going? I need to know. I need to figure out how to start and once I get going I will develop momentum, but I need to start. Then it hit me, Karen Voight. Every time I went to lose weight and was successful, I started with Karen Voights video. It is an hour long and I really, really like it. I don't have a copy of it anymore, but I found it on the internet. So I'm going to do that today. Walking is good and all, but I think I need something more than just walking. So I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. If I can do it for the next week or so, it might be just the push I need to get me rolling again. Wish me luck.

I just finished my workout. For the record it is this one:

Now, I understand that things change, people change, situations change, I know that. I also know that I have been focusing on other things for the last few years, I understand completely. But in spite of all that, I just completed this workout and it damn near killed me. I used to be able to do this well. Lots of jumping and really working the moves. Stretching at the end until I was a pretzel. It used to be awesome. Today, not so much. I had to take a break in the middle of one part. I did none of the jumping and dancing around. I didn't use any weights and I can already feel my muscles. The stretching at the end - basically could hardly do it. Between being tight and unable to bend far and my stomach getting in the way, I didn't get a whole lot of stretching in. Initially I was kind of sad about this. I started to get down on myself about how far I have fallen. But then I remembered something I had read the other day. I wish I could remember where I read it, but the lady basically said, 'when I started I couldn't do 15 minutes of a video in my living room without having to rest and now I'm running marathons'. I also remember that this particular person took like 2 years to get there. So instead of getting upset or all down on myself, I just said this is it. You have got to stop. You have got to stop fooling yourself that things are okay, they are not okay. You are overweight and uncomfortable and you need to do something about it now. Not in 2 weeks when you get to Arizona. Now. Granted, I really can't do everything I want to do, like stock up on food, follow AltShift exactly, make sauces and dressings. Okay, but I can work with what I've got.

So let's start there. First, I have time to workout. I don't have equipment, but I have time. I did the workout this morning with nothing be a chair and a towel. So I have time to do workout, walk, yoga, whatever. I have time. I do not have to eat wheat. Ever. Sandwiches do not have to be eaten as sandwiches. I can pass on the bread on everything. It's not that hard. While I can't follow AltShift exactly, I can do the best with what I've got at this point. I can start by keeping track of my food. I'm fairly confident I'm not eating enough - again - and definitely not eating enough protein. So track my food. That's all.

This is so true. I can make a little bit of progress or I continue to fall further behind and have more to make up for when I do start. I am such and all or nothing person and I need to lose that. It really doesn't work in any aspect of my life so I'm not sure why I continue to persist with it. Time to lose it. Little bits, little steps, forward progress in all things.

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