07 August 2016

Starting to settle in

Human beings are funny creatures. No matter what is going on, no matter what is happening in their lives, they need to have a routine. I know that all animals love routine, but humans are the only creatures that create chaos for themselves and then find a way to make routines out of the chaos.
Well, that's what we've been doing. For the last couple of weeks, things have been in such an unsettled state and yet we are trying to develop a routine and bring some normalcy to everything. That's what we've been trying to do in spite of the fact that we don't have our stuff. So it's been a strange time. The good news is, we are starting to settle in. The container with our stuff arrives tomorrow and then our lives will be thrown into turmoil once again as we unpack and get our old stuff organized into our new house and new life. This should be interesting.

I've been focusing on positivity and not stressing over what I eat and how much exercise I get. I find that it's really helping. I think I may have lost a couple of pounds, though I couldn't tell you because I have not had access to a scale in 3 months. Wow, that has to be the longest time I've gone without a scale. Nice to not obsess over this stuff. But I do have to keep reality in mind. I'm anxious to get back to eating right. We went to Costco on Friday and stocked up on all the stuff I love; kale salad, guacamole, beets, etc. I will have fabulous lunches and I can't wait to get back to that.

I've also taken to doing affirmations and it really helps. I know the power of positive thinking but I did not realize that I had fallen into a very negative trap. I'm working on getting back to my positive self and I'm getting there. I know that I can slide slowly into depression if I'm not careful. And I honestly think that I have been in a bit of a depression for a few years. I'm sure the Aholes who lived next door didn't help, but also the situation we were in. We are in a so much better situation here, I can't help but be positive and happy.

Okay, I've got things to do and I need to get them done. Off to have a positive day.

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