29 July 2016

What a week it has been

We moved into the house on Sunday and proceeded to work all day getting things ready to live in. We had an old bed on the floor, 2 broken down loveseats and that was all. Living here was interesting. On Tuesday the cable got installed so we had internet again but no TVs to watch anything on. Monday night we also had an alarm guy come by and he completely sold us an alarm system :) It was supposed to be installed on Tuesday the same time as the cable. Oh yeah, Tuesday we also had a garage door opener installed and had someone over to look at the refrigerator since there are issues with it. On Wednesday our furniture was delivered so we now have a couch and loveseat, a dining room table and the most awesome bed anywhere. We also ordered some bar stools for the kitchen counter and they came on Wednesday also. The alarm guy did not come on Tuesday, so he ended up coming on Wednesday but couldn't complete the job. After he left we had no internet. WTF????? Called the cable company and scheduled a technician for the next day. Thursday the cable guy comes and finds that the alarm guy had unplugged something. Ugh!!! The alarm guy came and finished the installation of the alarm system. We have a coded door lock and a doorbell with camera, among other things. Totally cool. Last night we had meet the teachers at school so I was there until 7:15 pm. The good news is I have today off. No Fridays. Woot woot!!!!

This morning I return to Crossfit. I'm very nervous about this. I love Crossfit and I need to work out, I've gotten so fat and lazy, but I'm scared. It's been about a year and half since I've done Crossfit seriously. I'm scared. But the lady who runs it is really, really nice. Her daughter will be my student this year, so I think it will be good.

Okay, lots to do today and I really want to get it all done so that I can play the rest of the weekend. Time to eat breakfast.

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