25 September 2016

Stop the insanity

I am not a perfect person, not by a long shot. I have a lot of things that I really need to work on. In most cases, I am working on them. Slowly. But progress is being made. In terms of my weight and my health - not so much. Part of the reason, I just realized this morning, is that I keep trying to solve it the same way. I make these grandiose plans on the weekends and then fall into the same old routine during the week. The plans fall by the wayside and boom, I've made zero progress and I don't understand why. It is time to really switch things up, but I'm not sure exactly how to do that. I always go back to my mindset because I understand how important that is. I know that if I make things like eating right and exercising a non-negotiable thing, I will stick to it. But only for a while. So how can I change things to really shake up my routine? So what do I do? Maybe try some things that worked in the past but I haven't done recently. Like meal prep.

I think it starts with a heart to heart with the Hubby. He does the majority of the cooking in the house and I have just been eating it. In the past he has always been very supportive when I needed to lose weight. So I think a heart to heart and a plan will go a long way in making this work. I know he will get on board, I just need to fill him in and to let him know that I am serious this time. That and some meal prep should be a good start.

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