26 November 2016

Truly Thankful

My last real post was on the 13th and so much has happened since then. Let's start at the beginning. I had wanted to go to California for Thanksgiving. I had asked Hubby if he wanted to contact his family about going up there and he didn't. I contacted my daughter about hooking up with them, but they were going over to her husband's cousins house and we were welcome to come. But we were going to have the dogs and the bird and I didn't want to intrude on them with all the animals....you get it. So I contacted my sister-in-law. We had recently become friends on Facebook and I messaged her to ask what they were doing for Thanksgiving. So, after much back and forth, I kind of invited myself to Thanksgiving dinner at my nephew's house where we also stayed with the dogs and everything. Well, let's just say it was awesome. I got to spend a lot of time with my nephew, who I haven't seen in probably 30 years, and my brother and sister-in-law, who I haven't seen in at least 27 years. My other brother came up and so did my other nephew. It was awesome. We talked and talked. Shared stories. Talked about some issues with other family members. It was amazing. I hated to leave. Hated. To. But we'll be going back again. I cannot put into words how good it felt to connect with my family again. While I was never not talking to them or anything, it was a long, long time since we spoke. We used to keep track of each other through Mom, but when Mom passed away we just kind of drifted apart. It was just an amazing couple of days. I feel like I may have upset my daughter, since I only had a couple of hours to spend with her, but that is another story completely. I will make that up to her. I just can't put into words how good it was to see my family again. There were times when I had felt all alone and now I know I'm not. My family was so happy to see us and spend time with us, it was truly amazing. So this Thanksgiving I am truly thankful for my family.

Okay, now back to real life. I have got to figure out a schedule that works for me with this dissertation. I have a goal of 10 hours a week to spend on it. Now, how will I do that? I'm going to make 2 lists; things I have to do every day and things I want to do every day.

Have to do:                                                     Want to do:
Walk dogs in am                                              Crossfit
Work                                                                Dissertation work

When I lay it out like that, it does not look so bad. I just need to come up with a plan and stick to. I did pretty well last week when I focused on doing Crossfit and Core/Stretch. Maybe that is what I will do. Crossfit 3x a week and Core/Stretch 2x a week. That was what I started out to do. Okay, let's give this a go. Again. I think I need to stop thinking that I need to have time to rest and time to watch TV. I am slowly getting into the habit of recording everything and just watching on the weekends when I have time. I just need to keep doing that. I also like to get to bed by 8:30 and I think I can still do that with little problem. I will do it this week and see how it goes.

I need to get ready for next week by getting my planner set up.

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