And so it begins

2017 has arrived. I went to bed last night around 10 pm and while I could hear some fireworks in the distance, it was quiet enough for everyone to sleep. That was a nice change. In Hawaii, every year I would not be able to sleep until 1 am or so. Did not miss that at all. As you can imagine, there are a number of motivation quotes appearing on Facebook this morning and I'm already snagging some of them. This one caught my eye first thing:

I think this is rather appropriate for me as this year is going to be amazing.

Then I saw this one:

I need to remember this and not let things get me down. I am Fierce!!!!

Finally, I saw this one and it really, really hit home for me:

This is the truest one of all and the one I need to remember most. I can make anything a routine, anything. And if I make it a routine, I will generally be successful at it. So boom. There is some inspiration to start the new year with. More later.......


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