12 February 2017

What have you done today?

Because I've done nothing :) Well, that is not completely true, but mostly. I have spent most of the day either laying on the couch or sitting in the recliner. I did do a little work on my dissertation, but not much. I've been really tired today. Like 2 naps tired. Some days are just like that. I think that I should feel bad because I did nothing, but I don't. I've learned over the years that sometimes you just need a down day and I'm okay with that. If it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself, you are right. But I am generally okay with it. Things are just really good and some things got settled this week that have been weighing on me. Sometimes when a pressure is removed, I will spend the day being lazy. It is almost like the stress and pressure was keeping me moving. Once you remove that I need a day to decompress sort of. So today was my decompression day and tomorrow things kick back into gear. I'm a control freak and when things are not in my control it creates unnecessary stress on me. That stress is now gone, or at least reduced.

Okay, this week will be a good week.

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