13 August 2017

Time to take care of things

The first reference I can find to my ankle is this February. I know it was bothering me before that. It started bothering me towards the end of last year because I remember thinking it was cold. And I thought that for a long time. Then it wasn't cold anymore. But my ankle still hurt. Then it hurt really bad. And it was hot. Really. Hot. So I got to thinking that maybe something else was wrong and I even considered going to an orthopedist. But honestly, I'm kind of off doctors. I really didn't want to have to consider surgery or some such other nonsense. Then I saw an ad for the Good Feet Store. I decided to go yesterday just to see what they had to offer. Turns out they offer orthotics. I've had orthotics before and they worked miracles so I was open to them. They were really, really expensive. Like $1000....yikes. I was planning on spending a few hundred dollars but not 1000. But my feet were a mess.

I've always had good arches, but the imprint of my right foot was like the flat foot. Also, I was putting a lot of pressure on my heel and my big toe. A clear indication that I was pronating a whole lot. Because I was pronating and rolling my foot too far inward, I was pulling my ankle out of alignment. This was causing pain in the ankle, knee, hip, and low back. I was usually in pain.

But after just 10 minutes of wear, my ankle started feeling better. Wow!!! Last night I went to bed for the first time in forever without shooting pains in my left heel. Unbelievable. I feel like I'm walking normal instead of like a 100-year-old. I would get up from a chair and hobble for a couple of steps until things started to work themselves out. Sometimes I couldn't straighten up completely and my feet hurt and I was just generally a mess...
So while it was a lot more money than I wanted to spend, if it fixes my feet it will all be worth it.

They also sold me a shoe, yes, I'm a sucker. The Brooks Adrenaline.

I have never worn Brooks. In all the training I've done and the different shoes I've tried, Brooks never made the cut and I don't know why. The Adrenaline is a serious stability shoe so I'm not sure at all how I missed it. Anyway, I got it and I've been wearing them a little today. They feel good. Of course, the orthotics are in them and they feel really good too.

We just got back from walking the dogs and my back is not killing me. Usually, 10 minutes or so into walking my low back starts to hurt. It was a timy bit sore, but not like normal. I did find myself taking positions that I did when it hurt, and it didn't hurt. So I needed to stop that.

I am hesitantly hopeful that this will help cure my feet and I can get back to being active like I'm used to.

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