29 September 2017


That's me. I realized yesterday that lately, I've been very happy. Not over the moon maniac happy, just happy, content with my life. I started AltShift Activate on Sept. 17 - 13 days ago. Since then I have deviated slightly from the plan. One day I had 1 beer for lunch. Last Sunday I had some fried foods and some wheat foods. Oh, and last night I had some bottled salad dressing. Those deviations are so small and I approached each knowing it was a one-off event. I am damn proud of myself. To get this far and not feel like I deserve some sort of treat for staying the course. The fact of the matter is, I feel damn amazing. My clothes are fitting better. My whole attitude is changing and I'm seeing the positive side of things. Things are not getting me stressed out as much. Even my classes are going better. I don't get angry at them like I used to. I will tell you, there is no food on earth that feels as good as this does. I am sleeping really, really well. I'm walking a lot and feeling good about it. I have come to really enjoy my walks to and from school. I had forgotten how much I like walking. I used to walk a whole lot in Hawaii, but the crippling heat here put a stop to that. Now that it's getting cooler, I'm back at it and I love it. Most days I hit 10,000 steps - not always but I guess that's life. Food has not been that hard at all either. I find the shifts really enjoyable. The 5S allows me bacon and butter and all those good, fatty things. The 3S allows me rice and potatoes and all those good starchy things. It really works for me. I also find that the videos he puts up every day are a nice bonus. A little motivation and encouragement along with explanations. I need the why in order to completely understand. I can follow along and just do something for a while, but for me to really own it I need the why. So I'm having some great benefits from this and I want to keep them up. I love feeling this good.

Also, my feet are feeling amazing. I got my Good Feet orthotics on August 12th and have been wearing them steadily ever since. Initially, I only wore the really hard ones. I wore them all the time; walking, working out, whatever. My feet didn't like the softer ones. Then, about a week ago, I put the softer ones in to walk and they felt really good. So I've been switching between the hard ones and softer ones and my feet are loving it. My feet don't hurt anymore, they also don't get near as tired as they used to. I walk home after being on my feet most of the day and after resting them for 20-30 minutes, they are ready to go again. My legs are not as tired either. My back is slowly getting better too. When I started this, walking for more than 5-10 minutes would make my low back cramp up. Now it gets a little sore, but basically, I can walk all the way with no pain. I think it's just everything realigning itself into the way it should be. So I'm really feeling great for the first time in a very, very long time. I really like this feeling and want to keep it going so I guess I'll have to keep doing what I'm doing :)

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