07 October 2017

30 days of AltShift

Can't believe I'm even putting this out there, but here it is. I've been on AltShift for 30 days and this is my first progress photo. The right side is when I started and the left side is this morning. I have no idea what I weigh, but I know that my clothes are fitting better. I just see so much improvement in those photos. I'm actually kind of stunned.

So, what am I doing? Well, I'm doing AltShift. This is the longest I have stuck with it and it really does feel amazing. I have not been perfectly following the protocol, but I've been doing much better than ever before. Looking at these pictures makes me want to do it even better now.

I did make a major error this morning and I paid dearly for it. There was a pancake fundraiser for the football team and we went. I made a conscious decision to eat the pancakes even though I haven't really had any wheat or sugar in a month. Well, around noon I started to feel it. I got all shaky and sweaty and felt like crap. I wasn't hungry, but when I started eating I wanted to eat all the food. I didn't but I wanted to. I dozed on the way home and fell asleep in front of the couch. I didn't really want to eat dinner but knew that I should. It's not worth it. I felt so bad for so long, the pancakes were not that good. So, lesson learned and I won't make that mistake again.

I didn't walk much today or yesterday either. I have to fix that tomorrow. I have no excuses other than I was just lazy. So I need to move tomorrow. I think I'll get up and walk outside in the cold and listen to my book. My goal is 10,000 steps tomorrow.

I did purchase a very expensive pair of shoes today. A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of Naturalizers. They were really comfortable, but they were a little large and a little blah. Today we were getting Hubby some good walking shoes and I found a pair Abeo which are super comfy and cute. Cuter than the Naturalizers anyway. So I'm sending the Naturalizers back and keeping the Abeos. They were unbelievably expensive and after purchase, I felt kind of sick to my stomach. Of course, that was when I was beginning to react to the pancakes so that was probably the problem. I do have to reign in the spending. I seem to be spending like we have a ton of money. And while we are doing fine, there is no reason to spend it all, which is what I'm doing. So these shoes are it for a while. Me and Amazon are parting ways. My goal is to buy nothing this week. We will be going out and will need gas, but that is all. Nothing else. I took us from poverty to homeowners before, I can get us out of this mess. It's not really a mess, I just need to stop spending and focus on savings.

Okay, enough of this. I'm tired and I'm going to be.

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