16 February 2018

Stupid cold

Last Tuesday, Feb 6th, I started feeling sickly. It came on me after dinner as I was watching TV. I could feel my throat start to get scratchy and my sinuses were filling up. Ugh!! I did not want to get sick. But I woke up the next morning with a head cold. So I went to school on Wednesday feeling like crap. But I made it through the day. Thursday I felt a bit better and made it through the day. Friday I woke feeling really crappy and having no voice. Thankfully it was Friday and I spent most of the day lying on the couch watching TV and napping. Saturday I felt slightly better but stayed home from a party because I really wasn't feeling it. Sunday I felt pretty good, good enough to finish up the closet remodel. Woke up Monday feeling pretty darn good and thought I was on the mend. Then Tuesday it hit me again and I felt really crappy. Wednesday I still felt crappy and Thursday was only slightly better. The problem is that I have a busy weekend. Today it was Science Bowl practice in the morning and a car appointment in the afternoon. Tomorrow it's Science Bowl most of the day. Sunday it's a trip to Costco. The only highlight of this weekend is the Monday holiday.

The cold changes every day. One day I have a deep, wracking cough. The next day I have no voice at all. The next day I can't breathe because I'm so stuffed up. Ugh!!! I'm just tired of it. I think that I just need rest. I rested today when I could and am definitely feeling better. I'm hoping that Sunday and Monday can be spent just resting and relaxing so I can shake this stupid thing. Today is day 10 of the black death and I'm really, really over it.

That's all I have. Just some moaning and complaining.

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