11 May 2018

A couple of things....

First, it's the end of the school year and things always get crazy around this time. This past week was a train wreck of epic proportions. Reviewing and testing are without a doubt, the most boring part of teaching. I would take grading over them every single time.

Also, this week was teacher appreciation week. We have the best PTO and they fed us lunch all week. But, I ate things I shouldn't have eaten. For the last 2 days, my sleep has been really messed up and I can't help but wonder if there is a correlation between the two. Well, I'm going to find out because today there will be no deviations at all. In fact, no deviations for the next couple of days to get back into the routine.

Finally, my meditation is on point. I've meditated for 10 minutes for the last 12 days. I can literally feel a mental difference when I meditate vs when I don't. I like the feeling and I like the mental clarity.

It is heating up around here. The last couple of days have been in the 105F range. Yikes. That makes evening walks difficult if not impossible. Which drives Maverick up the wall. So I need to figure some other things out to keep him entertained and somewhat active in the evenings. I wish he would swim, but I can't get him in the pool.

Speaking of activities..... I definitely want to keep busy over the summer. I want to continue to walk - though that may happen inside. I want to go to the gym and use the weights. I also want to take Krav Maga. I got a month free for teacher appreciation week, and I really want to try it out. I enjoyed martial arts when I did it and I think I would like Krav Maga also. So I need to call them today and see about going to a class. Also, Laveen Crossfit has offered me a month free for teacher appreciation. I don't want to do Crossfit, but Olympic lifting might be fun. Finally, not next week but the week after, Maverick starts agility training. So I'm looking at all these things and the way it lines up is this: 
Monday night: Krav Maga
Tuesday night: Oly
Wednesday night: Agility
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Gym

I like that because it keeps me busy. If I have nothing planned, I will do nothing. If I have activities planned I will keep moving. There are lots of other things I want to do this summer like school planning and such. This would only be for the month of June, that's when everything is free. After that, I will have to decide which stays and which goes. Of course, by then, I should know which things I like and which things I don't and I can at least say I tried them. I have a couple of days to think about it and figure it out. I think I'm going to go for it just because I can.

On Wednesday, while my classes were taking finals, I watched this movie. It's about how some people solved some serious problems with paleo/keto whatever you want to call it.  Now, of course, they made it sound like a cure-all and I'm sure it's not. But I think they provide some food for thought. Our diet affects us way more than most people, the average person anyway, knows. Just putting food in your mouth is not necessarily good for you. All food is not equal. I think they emphasized the grass-fed thing a little too much, but I completely agree with them demonizing processed food.  I do think sugar is evil and completely unnecessary for our existence, but carbs in some form are necessary just not to the extent we eat them. I love my 3-shift days because I get to eat rice and potatoes. But in all honesty, I do not miss wheat at all. And maybe it just doesn't agree with me, but I feel so much better without it. I don't know the answer. I don't know what is the perfect diet and I honestly believe that everyone is different and what works for one will not work for everyone. But I also believe that the way we are living and eating now is a huge part of the problem. There has to be a better way then the packaged, processed garbage everyone consumes.

Well, I can only control me and I'm going to do what works for me.

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