02 June 2018


Okay, I am starting my 3rd week of summer break and I'm already falling into bad habits. My social media holiday did not last long, I need to get back into that. I'm feeling like I don't want to go anywhere. That is usually the first symptom of the lethargy that will descend if I don't be careful. I have not been getting near enough steps in either. It's time to change all that before it gets out of hand completely. I need to get angry and make some changes so let's see what I can do.

I just went and took my bi-monthly measurements. I'm down another 3ish pounds, and all my other measurements are down or the same, but my waist is up an inch. Why????? Well, I haven't been as strict on the food part as I should and I haven't been walking. Also, my sleep has been funky. I have been staying up late and I may not have been getting 8 hours some nights. Okay, time to regroup and get my shit together before it all goes to hell.

Starting today, the plan will be as follows:

  • Whenever I get on Facebook I will set a timer. When the timer goes off I will go off Facebook. End of story!!!! No sitting and scrolling for hours. 
  • When I am working on something, I am going to set an alarm for every hour and get up and walk for 5 minutes. No matter what I am in the middle of. 
  • I will work on school work for 2 hours every single day. 
  • I will also work on the classes I need to take for 2 hours every single day. 
  • I will do my workouts, if they are scheduled, first thing in the morning before I start anything else. 
  • I will get in 10,000 steps every single day even if I have to jump on the treadmill for an hour before I go to bed. 
That's it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I will do these things every single day and I will not go to bed until they are done. I will not do my diamond dots until they are done. End of story. Time to get pissed and get my act together. 

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