03 June 2018

Le sigh.......

My well-laid plans of yesterday did not pan out. I did get some school work done and I did get on the treadmill a couple of times, but I did not get 10,000 steps in, I only got 5,800 - which is better than the 3 previous days, but not what I wanted. So I need to try again today. Same plan, just more conscious effort to do it.

I also need to go somewhere. Anywhere. Just out for a bit. I may go cruise Target for no reason other than I can. I may go to Famous Footwear to look. Or maybe Ross's. I don't know. I don't really want to spend money, but I need to get out and it's too hot to go anywhere outside.

I did avoid Facebook for long stretches yesterday and that was good. I got more accomplished because I wasn't scrolling for hours and hours. So I need to keep that up. I did not set a timer when I got on it, but I did not stay long anytime I was on.

I am going to use my mindfulness and not beat myself up, but use yesterday as a learning experience. Okay, that didn't work so well because I let myself slide. No sliding today.

AltShift has taught me a lot about how our minds can derail us, and now I need to use that information to not let yesterday get me down. Yesterday is over and done and there is nothing I can do to fix it. Today I will make my choices one at a time, independent of any other choice I make. That is where mindfulness comes in. And I need to use it to make the best choices I can today.

Already feeling better and more focused. Right now I need to prep my bullet journal for next week.

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